Available in 2KG, 5KG & 10KG Spools

  • Extreme Power For Long Distance Fencing : AKG Jhatka Wire consists of 7 inter-woven steel metal strands - providing 25x more conductivity than Poly Wire. Ideal for distances beyond 1/4 mile where extreme power is required. 

  • Rust Resistant : Made from 7 strands of premium hot dip Zinc coated Steel so that it resists rust. Delivers more reliable performance over time than aluminium wire which can develop an oxidative coating, reducing its effectiveness. 

  • Use anywhere: Lightweight and easy to install, repair, cut, slice and rewind. AKG Jhatka Wire for fencing is rust resistant. It can be re-used again and again, and will last out on the farm through years of continuous use.

  • Use with Electric Fencing Reel: Add AKG Jhatka Wire to easily wind your fence in and out. Suitable in windy conditions and portable fencing applications. 

  • Realibility You Can Trust: AKG Jhatka Wire has a long life and is ideal for use in windy conditions giving you peace of mind that your livestock and crops are safe.